Who are we?

Who are we?

The Para Lab was started when two of the top schools Flight Culture and Sky Paragliding decided to join forces and to share resources.

Flight Culture, run by CFI John Welch has been teaching paramotoring for many years and John spent nearly three years working for Parajet so has extensive experience with paramotors.

Sky Paragliding is run by CFI Tim King. Tim was one of the first ever BHPA paramotor instructors and has worked for Sky Paragliders so has an extensive knowledge of wings, harnesses and reserves.

The Para Lab offers a huge range of options with everything from beginner courses right up to instructor development courses. In addition, we run paramotor safaris and offer a test and development centre for manufacturers.

The Para Lab are incredibly proud to be able to train on the very latest equipment and our staff are some of the most talented in the business.

When you join us you’ll be using equipment that is state of the art at all stages of your training; we never use old wings or paramotors.

We are very lucky to have a well equipped workshop and an outstanding mechanic and we incorporate instruction in inspection, repairs and maintenance.

There is a significant amount of theory to cover during your course and we will supply you with a comprehensive set of theory notes written by us which will supplement your theory lectures.

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