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The ONLY all inclusive paramotor flying resort in Spain. All you need to do is fly!
  • Airport Transfers
  • Private Villa with Pool
  • Own Room, no Sharing
  • Full Board incl. Drinks
  • Private Airfield
  • Paramotor incl. Fuel
  • 2:1 Instructor Ratio




7 Night Residential Course in Spain

Dates: 28th September 2024 | 1st February 2025

Suitability: Complete Beginner

Tuition: 6 Days

Board: All inclusive Full Board including Drinks with Own Room – includes Paramotor & Fuel

Price: £1,950 (Please note deposit is £500, balance will be due in Euro’s in Spain)

Location: Private Villa, Seville, Spain (about 1 hour from Seville Airport)




Our Paramotor Courses in Spain are conducted in collaboration with our sister company, The Para Lab, during the months of October and February.

Operated within our state-of-the-art paramotor training facility, we exclusively use machines crafted by the renowned UK company Parajet, a leading innovator in paramotor equipment manufacturing. The Para Lab serves as a test and development hub for new equipment and stands as an academy of excellence for training instructors. Situated in a spacious villa with a fully equipped garage and workshop adjacent, the facility boasts airfields and training slopes within its grounds, creating a seamless fly-in, fly-out experience.

This unique set-up, located in Southern Spain, hosts a diverse range of courses catering to complete beginners, paragliding conversions, safaris, paramotor SIV, APPI to BHPA conversions, and trike paramotoring. Utilising cutting-edge equipment and training methodologies, our courses aim to transform you into confident and skilled pilots, prioritising safety and ensuring an enjoyable learning experience. Whether you prefer the latest Parajet gear or wish to transport your own equipment, we cater to your needs.

This beginner course sets you on the path toward the CP rating, with the expectation that you’ll complete several flights by the end of the week. Following it with a Club Pilot (CP) course provides substantial experience, turning you into a competent and confident pilot.



Course Structure

Module 1: Paramotor Beginners Course
Our Paramotor Beginners Courses maintain a maximum of 6 participants, complemented by a team of 3 to 4 skilled instructors. The cornerstone of our teaching excellence lies in the remarkable talent and extensive experience of our instructors, paired with an exceptionally low student-to-instructor ratio.

This approach guarantees the highest quality, safe tuition, and maximum productivity throughout your week. Expect accelerated, secure, and enjoyable progression under our guidance.

We aim to equip you with the skill set and confidence necessary to evolve into a proficient independent pilot, prepared for various challenges such as active flying, cross-country ventures, confined landings, weather interpretation, and more.

For those interested in trike flying, we offer instruction on the latest lightweight trike from Parajet. This provides a fantastic opportunity for individuals with back problems or difficulty running to engage in this wonderful sport.

Our Paramotor Beginners Course welcomes participants with no prior experience. Designed to establish a strong foundation, this course propels you toward your CP Power rating. On average, after completing preliminary ground and gliding work, students typically achieve between 3 and 5 solo flights under power. For those seeking further advancement, booking a second consecutive week is an option to attain the CP Power rating and delve into pilot tasks, solidifying your skills.

Fitness Note: Basic fitness is expected, and the ability to run a short distance is required. Paramotors may weigh over 25 kg, making it unsuitable for individuals with back problems.



Teaching Philosophy

Individuals have diverse learning preferences, paces, and comfort levels with pushing their boundaries. I don’t impose a rigid system on you; instead, I tailor a system that suits your unique needs. Although we laugh, play and fly as a group, as much as I can, I try to keep the coaching one to one.

My objective is to empower you to become a self-sufficient learner. The foundation lies in cultivating a mental space where you feel at ease, secure, and open to experimentation. I carefully select sites and conditions that progressively challenge you without inducing fear, ensuring a consistent learning environment to solidify the skills imparted.

The potency of small group dynamics plays a crucial role. While many techniques are delivered one-on-one, the small group setting provides an opportunity for shared learning. Witnessing peers of similar proficiency confront and conquer common obstacles is not only powerful and inspirational but also adds an element of enjoyable camaraderie to the learning experience.



What’s Included?

  • Airport Transfers
  • Private Room in a Villa
  • Full Board (Including Lunches Out)
  • Equipment
  • Fuel & Oil
  • Theory Pack



The Training Includes

  • Care and maintenance of your equipment
  • Weather assessment
  • Inflation / Launching skills
  • Powered take off drills
  • Powered flights, both in and out of circuit
  • Theory and examinations




We prioritise the significance of comfortable and high-quality accommodation within the learning environment.

Our headquarters is situated in a magnificent villa, a beautifully converted cortijo featuring a central courtyard and a refreshing swimming pool. Nestled near the hilltop town of Moron de la Frontera and just over an hour from Seville airport, it offers convenient accessibility by car. Your experience begins with indulgence from the moment you arrive. All-inclusive meals and drinks are provided, showcasing the finest local ingredients for an authentic taste of Spain.

Enjoy the luxury of your own room, ensuring no room sharing unless you choose to do so.

Why not unwind by the pool and soak in the beauty of the surrounding views while awaiting your evening flight session?

Indulge in cooked and continental breakfasts, lunches, and evening meals with drinks included.

Explore our photo gallery to preview the exceptional accommodation awaiting you.

Non Flying Partners Welcome
If you would like to bring your non flying partner, they are very welcome.

The cost for full board accommodation, including all drinks and airport transfers is €775 per week.

Getting There
Several economical airlines fly into Seville. We will transport you from the airport to the villa. It’s also possible to fly to Malaga but private car hire is required.



Additional Extras

BHPA Membership

It is compulsory to join the BHPA to partake in any BHPA course. 3 months Training membership is around £100 which is enough for your EP course but to ratify your CP qualification you will need a minimum annual member costing around £174.

Please join and pay this online with the BHPA before your course starts. An explanation of all current BHPA fees can be found here.

You can join the BHPA here.

Please check out the FAQ’s for more detailed information.



A £500 deposit is required to secure your booking. The balance will be due in € Euro’s while in Spain.​

Please let us know if you wish to bring a non-flying partner. The cost is €775. This will be payable in Euro’s while in Spain.

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