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All Inclusive Flying Holidays

The ONLY all inclusive paramotor flying resort in Spain. All you need to do is fly!
  • Airport Transfers
  • Private Villa with Pool
  • Own Room, no Sharing
  • Full Board incl. Drinks
  • Private Airfield
  • Paramotor incl. Fuel
  • 2:1 Instructor Ratio





This two part courses consists of 10 days basic instructor training for any TI / new potential power instructor. The second 10 day module aims to polish your instructing and sign off any remaining tasks in order to prepare for your instructor examination. If you are already a Paragliding instructor, a ‘fast pass’ can be provided to jump to the last 10 day section.

We ensure that all our instructors are operating at the same extremely high standards and therefore have regular milestones that must be attained to complete the course within the minimum 20 days.

Please contact us for more information and an interview session to assess your potential.



A £500 deposit is required to secure your booking. The balance will be due in € Euro’s while in Spain.​

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